Building A Market + Beyond Installing Segment + Mixpanel’s Guide + Google Ads Malpractices (PAN #20)

  Product Analytics Newsletter Edition #20 September 9, 2019 (Image Source: Tweet Forward Share Building A Market We’ve talked about O’Reilly’s criticism of the blitzscaling strategy before (here’s his take on it). Essentially, his stand is that we should be against the "winner take all" VC-backed approach. His arguments are that we should be aiming [...]

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Going Beyond Just Installing Segment – Consolidate Your Investment and Reach For Product Analytic’s Holy Grails

So you’ve set up Segment (maybe on Wordpress using our how-to guide?). Data is flowing from at least one source such as your website or app. It works. You see the data flowing. That’s cool! But what now? You've got a large stream of data coming in, and it needs attention. How do you even [...]

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Segment with WordPress – Guide on Initial Setup and Identification of Users

So you’ve finally decided to put in place a customer analytics infrastructure for your online business? Good for you! And you want to use Segment as the driver of data gathering and distribution? Yup, that’s a good idea! But one of your touchpoint is on Wordpress? Probably your main website, right? And that’s the first [...]

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