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User Lifecycle Analysis of a Newsletter Product

Product ownership is about precision. How clearly you understand your user's struggle. And how you position your product in that struggle's market. I've founded this small consulting agency because product analytics is exciting. It's a world filled with very creative, smart and generous people. So much so that it's a bit hard to keep track [...]

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Going Beyond Just Installing Segment – Consolidate Your Investment and Reach For Product Analytic’s Holy Grails

So you’ve set up Segment (maybe on Wordpress using our how-to guide?). Data is flowing from at least one source such as your website or app. It works. You see the data flowing. That’s cool! But what now? You've got a large stream of data coming in, and it needs attention. How do you even [...]

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My Own Journey + Privacy, Context And Intent + Product Ecosystem + Talking Pirates (PAN #5)

Product Analytics Newsletter - Edition #5 My Own Product Analytics Journey Alright, so this is the 5th edition of this newsletter. I’ve experimented a bit, climbed the Kilimanjaro to do some soul searching as to what the mission of this newsletter is, etc. And it’s clear that what brings us together is that we’re product people [...]

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