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How To Gain Insights On Your Newsletter’s Development With Product Analytics

In the world of digital products, none is as widespread and as easily understood as newsletters. They’re usually not an end in themselves, but just a touchpoint to an overarching business. Their effectiveness can be immensely beneficial to an organization. Our goal here is to go through how we’ve set up an analytical strategy and [...]

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Sharing Insights With Jupyter Voilà + Map Of UX Tools + Calculating LFTV (PAN #14)

  Product Analytics Newsletter Edition #14 July 8, 2019 (Image Source: Tweet Forward Share Good morning product owners! I just want to do a quick shout out to the fine folks at Fishtown Analytics for dbt’s 3 years of existence. Tristan (founder and CEO) has written a post that sums up their journey and the [...]

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Slack’s Non-IPO + NDRR + Influencing Your Newsletter Metrics + Lantrns’ ETL (PAN #13)

  Product Analytics Newsletter Edition #13 July 1, 2019 (Image Source: MarketWatch) Good morning product owners! Summer is here, sun is shinning, birds are singing and heat is heating. And you know what? This newsletter is not taking any time off We’ll fight through the appeal of sipping drinks around a pool, going on long [...]

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Libra + Newsletter Analytics + Experimentation At AirBnb + Stitch’s Mailchimp Integration (PAN #12)

  Product Analytics Newsletter Edition #12 June 24, 2019 (Image Source: Techcrunch) Good morning product owners! As a product owner, you want to understand how users are interacting with your product, in order to improve adoption and engagement, but also align the product’s success with business objectives. We believe that analytics solidifies your feedback loop [...]

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