Experiment-Driven Products + War Of Bloated Unicorns + Future Of Data Warehouse + More (PAN #6)

Product Analytics Newsletter - Edition #6 TL;DR In Strategy Bracadabra, we share a video on experiment-driven products - take me there In Not Fake News, we look at the war between bloated unicorns and why unprofitable companies go public - take me there In Let’s Get Technical, we’re watching a quick video on the future [...]

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dbt + Google and GDPR + Evolution of Analytics (ASDP #1)

  How can you leverage data to strategically grow your digital product? If that question interests you, this newsletter is about exploring it from different angles - product management, data engineering, data science and data-driven strategy. Happy Monday! Hey, welcome to our new newsletter. How did you get here, you ask? Well there’s an easy [...]

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