Sharing Insights With Jupyter Voilà + Map Of UX Tools + Calculating LFTV (PAN #14)

  Product Analytics Newsletter Edition #14 July 8, 2019 (Image Source: Jupyter.org) Tweet Forward Share Good morning product owners! I just want to do a quick shout out to the fine folks at Fishtown Analytics for dbt’s 3 years of existence. Tristan (founder and CEO) has written a post that sums up their journey and the [...]

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dbt + Google and GDPR + Evolution of Analytics (ASDP #1)

  How can you leverage data to strategically grow your digital product? If that question interests you, this newsletter is about exploring it from different angles - product management, data engineering, data science and data-driven strategy. Happy Monday! Hey, welcome to our new newsletter. How did you get here, you ask? Well there’s an easy [...]

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My journey introducing the data build tool (dbt) in project’s analytical stacks

Not sure I remember how, but I had the good luck a few weeks ago to stumble upon posts from Tristan Handy where he mentioned a tool his team built, simply called the Data Build Tool (dbt). I immediately took interest, as I was struggling with ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) at that moment, and had the extreme [...]

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