Spheres of Influences + Habit-Formit Product Design + Clickthrough Rates + More (PAN #10)

  Product Analytics Newsletter Edition #10 (Image Source: The Middle East Media Research Institute) Good morning product owners! Lantrns Analytics is growing up ‍🦱‍🦳 I’ve been working for the last few years as a product analytics consultant and am enjoying this tremendously. But I did notice a common challenge amongst product owners I’ve worked with: [...]

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Mailchimp Evolution + Long Term Stock Exchange + Content Marketing + RProductAnalytics (PAN #9)

  Product Analytics Newsletter Edition #9 Empowering Product Owners With Analytics By Lantrns Analytics (Image Source: DailyMail) Good morning product owners! The analytical stack presented in the last newsletter (see the Showing Off Analytical Stack section in newsletter edition #8) seems to have caught your attention. And some of you were disappointed to learn that [...]

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Product Experiment Design + Our Own Analytical Stack + Product-Market Fit Pyramid + More (PAN #8)

  Product Analytics Newsletter Edition #8 Good morning product owners! Product development is many things, but it has a lot to do with experimenting with ideas. As we are the Product Analytics Newsletter, of course I believe this should be done with rigour. I’ve had some interesting discussions on that topic in Reddit (full reveal, [...]

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Privacy, Privacy And Privacy + North Star Metric Going South + Measuring Experiments + More (PAN #7)

  Product Analytics Newsletter Edition #7 TL;DR In the News, it’s all about privacy, privacy and privacy - take me there In Strategy, we look at how North Stars can go south - take me there In Tools and Techniques, we move data around - take me there In Privacy, we take steps to empower [...]

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Experiment-Driven Products + War Of Bloated Unicorns + Future Of Data Warehouse + More (PAN #6)

Product Analytics Newsletter - Edition #6 TL;DR In Strategy Bracadabra, we share a video on experiment-driven products - take me there In Not Fake News, we look at the war between bloated unicorns and why unprofitable companies go public - take me there In Let’s Get Technical, we’re watching a quick video on the future [...]

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My Own Journey + Privacy, Context And Intent + Product Ecosystem + Talking Pirates (PAN #5)

Product Analytics Newsletter - Edition #5 My Own Product Analytics Journey Alright, so this is the 5th edition of this newsletter. I’ve experimented a bit, climbed the Kilimanjaro to do some soul searching as to what the mission of this newsletter is, etc. And it’s clear that what brings us together is that we’re product people [...]

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User Privacy And Empowerment (ASDP #4)

  Analytics To Scale Your Digital Product - Edition #4 User Privacy And Empowerment There’s a theme that emerged from my reading, thinking and blogging in the last 2 weeks: how does respecting the privacy of your users is foundational to empowering them. As you’ll see from my selection below, all 3 stories centres around listening [...]

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Network Effects + What to Measure + The Purpose of Growing Digital Businesses + My Week-Long March Break (ASDP #3)

  Analytics To Scale Your Digital Product - Edition #3 Happy Monday! Goooood morning product managers/owners/leaders/aficionados (hard to keep track). Hope you all had a great weekend. Not to brag, but I’m actually in a cottage lost somewhere in Québec by the time you read this. Yes, it’s March break for my kids and that [...]

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When to Hire a Product Manager + Marketplace Dynamics + User Interest Analysis (ASDP #2)

  Analytics To Scale Your Digital Product - Edition #2 Happy Monday! Good morning product leaders! Hope you all had a great 2 weeks. For myself, I’ve had interesting discussions in the past days that lead me to think more about product dynamics. This culminated in a post named just that “Product forces, dynamics and [...]

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