Going Beyond Just Installing Segment – Consolidate Your Investment and Reach For Product Analytic’s Holy Grails

So you’ve set up Segment (maybe on Wordpress using our how-to guide?). Data is flowing from at least one source such as your website or app. It works. You see the data flowing. That’s cool! But what now? You've got a large stream of data coming in, and it needs attention. How do you even [...]

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Topic Extraction From Tweets – Text Mining

It’s been a while since I’ve shared the results of the Topic Extraction experiment, but you know: Summer. Excuses aside, on our last set of posts (the intuitive approach and the network analysis approach), we explored 2 different ways of extracting topics from a set of tweets (#protest tweets from February 8th to March 9th [...]

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Topic Extraction from Tweets – Network Analysis

In our last post, we started exploring the challenge of extracting topics from tweets, and one key takeaway from this is that there are no easy way of doing it. But they say that learning how not to do something is stil learning something. As Edison said: "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 [...]

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Topic Extraction from Tweets – Intuitive Approach

Extracting topics from tweets is turning out to be quite the adventure. And so it just feels justified to do a couple of posts on what has become an exploration of many techniques to do what seemed at first like an easy task. The discursus.io Project So let’s start by giving a little bit of [...]

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