Building Funnels Made Of Multiple Paths Using dbt

Funnels are an important part of product analytics. As we investigate behavioural patterns, we explicititely map out or have mental representations of paths that will measure how different users are journeying through our product. May they be event conversions, feature adoptions, or other sorts of multi-steps engagements - a common challenge to funnel analysis is [...]

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User Lifecycle Analysis of a Newsletter Product

Product ownership is about precision. How clearly you understand your user's struggle. And how you position your product in that struggle's market. I've founded this small consulting agency because product analytics is exciting. It's a world filled with very creative, smart and generous people. So much so that it's a bit hard to keep track [...]

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How To Gain Insights On Your Newsletter’s Development With Product Analytics

In the world of digital products, none is as widespread and as easily understood as newsletters. They’re usually not an end in themselves, but just a touchpoint to an overarching business. Their effectiveness can be immensely beneficial to an organization. Our goal here is to go through how we’ve set up an analytical strategy and [...]

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