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The Emergence Of The “Customer Journey Orchestration” Market

MarTech Today recently published an article on the state of the Customer Data Platform (CDP) industry. From that article which covers a report from the CDP institute, this segment of marketing data firms is a fast growing market. Over 50 companies are now providing tools and services in that category, which is double the number [...]

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What is Segment Personas?

This is a compilation of daily posts that I’ve published throughout the week of December 4, 2017 on LinkedIn. What is Segment This week, I'm gonna write a series of posts on Personas, the latest offering from Segment. Personas is a new beta product released lately and that was demoed last week. But it’s probably [...]

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Segment with WordPress – Guide on Initial Setup and Identification of Users

So you’ve finally decided to put in place a customer analytics infrastructure for your online business? Good for you! And you want to use Segment as the driver of data gathering and distribution? Yup, that’s a good idea! But one of your touchpoint is on Wordpress? Probably your main website, right? And that’s the first [...]

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