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Scaling digital products using analytics. I work with product leaders towards data-driven product development, one sprint at a time.

The Great Hack + Choosing The Right Metrics + Reporting Product KPIs (PAN #17)

  Product Analytics Newsletter Edition #17 July 29, 2019 (Image Source: The Economist) Tweet Forward Share The Great Hack Have you heard of Netflix? That company that uses data to produce content that will keep you glued in front of your screen? Well, seems like their data told them that a documentary on how evil [...]

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Musk In Your Brain + Bootstrapping A Product’s Data Framework + More (PAN #16)

  Product Analytics Newsletter Edition #16 July 22, 2019 (Image Source: Digital Trends) Tweet Forward Share Musk To Your Brain, Do You Copy? Let’s start the week with news from the world of “not-so-distant-science-fiction". Brought to you by Elon Musk of course. Neuralink - the implant that brings a computer interface to your brain 🧠. [...]

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Data Engineering For All – Democratizing Access To Rich Product Analytics (PAN #15)

  The Product Analytics Newsletter Data Engineering For All In this 15th edition of the Product Analytics newsletter, we explore how there seems to be a trend to democratize data engineering tools and allow less technically-inclined analysts (and product owners) set up their analytical stack and get access to rich product insights. (Source: Coriers) Good [...]

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Sharing Insights With Jupyter Voilà + Map Of UX Tools + Calculating LFTV (PAN #14)

  Product Analytics Newsletter Edition #14 July 8, 2019 (Image Source: Jupyter.org) Tweet Forward Share Good morning product owners! I just want to do a quick shout out to the fine folks at Fishtown Analytics for dbt’s 3 years of existence. Tristan (founder and CEO) has written a post that sums up their journey and the [...]

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Slack’s Non-IPO + NDRR + Influencing Your Newsletter Metrics + Lantrns’ ETL (PAN #13)

  Product Analytics Newsletter Edition #13 July 1, 2019 (Image Source: MarketWatch) Good morning product owners! Summer is here, sun is shinning, birds are singing and heat is heating. And you know what? This newsletter is not taking any time off We’ll fight through the appeal of sipping drinks around a pool, going on long [...]

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Libra + Newsletter Analytics + Experimentation At AirBnb + Stitch’s Mailchimp Integration (PAN #12)

  Product Analytics Newsletter Edition #12 June 24, 2019 (Image Source: Techcrunch) Good morning product owners! As a product owner, you want to understand how users are interacting with your product, in order to improve adoption and engagement, but also align the product’s success with business objectives. We believe that analytics solidifies your feedback loop [...]

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Spheres of Influences + Habit-Formit Product Design + Clickthrough Rates + More (PAN #10)

  Product Analytics Newsletter Edition #10 (Image Source: The Middle East Media Research Institute) Good morning product owners! Lantrns Analytics is growing up ‍🦱‍🦳 I’ve been working for the last few years as a product analytics consultant and am enjoying this tremendously. But I did notice a common challenge amongst product owners I’ve worked with: [...]

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Mailchimp Evolution + Long Term Stock Exchange + Content Marketing + RProductAnalytics (PAN #9)

  Product Analytics Newsletter Edition #9 Empowering Product Owners With Analytics By Lantrns Analytics (Image Source: DailyMail) Good morning product owners! The analytical stack presented in the last newsletter (see the Showing Off Analytical Stack section in newsletter edition #8) seems to have caught your attention. And some of you were disappointed to learn that [...]

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Product Experiment Design + Our Own Analytical Stack + Product-Market Fit Pyramid + More (PAN #8)

  Product Analytics Newsletter Edition #8 Good morning product owners! Product development is many things, but it has a lot to do with experimenting with ideas. As we are the Product Analytics Newsletter, of course I believe this should be done with rigour. I’ve had some interesting discussions on that topic in Reddit (full reveal, [...]

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