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Scaling digital products using analytics. I work with product leaders towards data-driven product development, one sprint at a time.

Putting Together a Product Data Team + Automating your Data Privacy + The Pitfalls of Being Data-Driven + More (PAN #22)

Edition #22 - November 4, 2019 Good morning product owners 👋 Ahhh, it is good to be back! Although I can’t complain, as the 2 weeks spent in Vietnam were simply amazing. Friendly people + good food + too much to do and see + crazy conversion rate from dollars to dongs = pure fun [...]

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Product-Market Fit Engine + Day 2 at Amazon + Grand Tour of the BI Tool Landscape + More (PAN #21)

Edition #21 - September 23, 2019 Good morning product owners đź‘‹ Kids are back to school and reality sets back in. That means publishing a weekly newsletter has become unrealistic again :) So starting today, this newsletter is returning to its original frequency of being sent every 2 weeks. Second point of order is that [...]

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Building A Market + Beyond Installing Segment + Mixpanel’s Guide + Google Ads Malpractices (PAN #20)

  Product Analytics Newsletter Edition #20 September 9, 2019 (Image Source: Freepik.com) Tweet Forward Share Building A Market We’ve talked about O’Reilly’s criticism of the blitzscaling strategy before (here’s his take on it). Essentially, his stand is that we should be against the "winner take all" VC-backed approach. His arguments are that we should be aiming [...]

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Amplitude Engage + Summary and Growth KPIs + JTBD and KPIs + KPI Building Blocks (PAN #19)

Product Analytics Newsletter Edition #19 September 2nd, 2019 (Image Source: android.jlelse.eu) Tweet Forward Share Good morning product owners! Your product analytics journeys usually goes through a walled garden provided by one of the key analytics SaaS providers: Google Analytics, Amplitude, Mixpanel, etc. But that might end up not being enough, and you could take that [...]

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Going Beyond Just Installing Segment – Consolidate Your Investment and Reach For Product Analytic’s Holy Grails

So you’ve set up Segment (maybe on Wordpress using our how-to guide?). Data is flowing from at least one source such as your website or app. It works. You see the data flowing. That’s cool! But what now? You've got a large stream of data coming in, and it needs attention. How do you even [...]

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Customer Vs Product Analytics + Time-Based Behaviour Analysis + Owning Your Data And More (PAN #18)

  Product Analytics Newsletter Edition #18 August 19, 2019 (Image Source: Martech Today) Tweet Forward Share Good morning product owners! Sloooowly crawling (or swimming) back to normal working life as I spent the last 2 weeks exploring pools with my kids. Can’t say I found anything useful at the bottom of the waters, but I [...]

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How To Gain Insights On Your Newsletter’s Development With Product Analytics

In the world of digital products, none is as widespread and as easily understood as newsletters. They’re usually not an end in themselves, but just a touchpoint to an overarching business. Their effectiveness can be immensely beneficial to an organization. Our goal here is to go through how we’ve set up an analytical strategy and [...]

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The Great Hack + Choosing The Right Metrics + Reporting Product KPIs (PAN #17)

  Product Analytics Newsletter Edition #17 July 29, 2019 (Image Source: The Economist) Tweet Forward Share The Great Hack Have you heard of Netflix? That company that uses data to produce content that will keep you glued in front of your screen? Well, seems like their data told them that a documentary on how evil [...]

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Musk In Your Brain + Bootstrapping A Product’s Data Framework + More (PAN #16)

  Product Analytics Newsletter Edition #16 July 22, 2019 (Image Source: Digital Trends) Tweet Forward Share Musk To Your Brain, Do You Copy? Let’s start the week with news from the world of “not-so-distant-science-fiction". Brought to you by Elon Musk of course. Neuralink - the implant that brings a computer interface to your brain 🧠. [...]

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Data Engineering For All – Democratizing Access To Rich Product Analytics (PAN #15)

  The Product Analytics Newsletter Data Engineering For All In this 15th edition of the Product Analytics newsletter, we explore how there seems to be a trend to democratize data engineering tools and allow less technically-inclined analysts (and product owners) set up their analytical stack and get access to rich product insights. (Source: Coriers) Good [...]

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