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One-off KPI Report

“Our data is a mess”

That’s what we’ve heard from you.

“We’re pulling data from all over the place, and we’re trying to get a handle on it just so we can produce these recurring reports. But now, we can’t continue this way. We can’t keep using the haphazard approach.

If you’re in a hurry to produce some solid numbers, to sort through all your data, and make a report that you can use as a template for the next time around, we can help.

A One-off Report for Your Important KPIs

We can produce that report for you.
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Maybe This Is What You’re Going Through

  • You’ve been producing reports yourself, and now it’s too much for one person
  • You’ve had an event where you didn’t feel confident about the data that came out or couldn’t compare it against another month, and now it’s time you invest in something that gives predictable metrics that are comparable to other months.
  • Reporting basic metrics has been tedious, and now you want to generate KPIs that are tied to business outcomes, a much bigger affair. It’s time to get serious about your analytics strategy.
  • You feel you’re pressured to get some better metrics soon, but it’s not like you can hire an army of engineers to do that work.
  • You’ve been looking into getting some all-in-one tools. But you know they only get you part of the story. You’ve realized that you could purchase multiple tools and make them fit together. “But how many of these tools do I need to purchase?”

You just want to improve the product in a data-centred way, and you know that’s the way to go. You don’t want to add costs, you want to add the business levers to increase customer satisfaction, increase customer retention, improve referrals, and increase lifetime customer value. You know there’s a way to do that, and adding a tool at a time isn’t the approach. You need to figure out the big picture.

Now what?

Get a One-off Report Powered by an Analytics Infrastructure for the Future

We Offer This Service:

  • We’ll get the data from all the important sources;
  • We’ll set up a temporary analytics infrastructure (that you can use in the future) that we’ll use to analyze all these data sources;
  • We’ll create a one-off report for your needs.

Ready? Get started by filling the questionnaire below.

Some Questions:

How much will this cost?


You say this package includes a “temporary” analytics infrastructure.
How does that work?

The package includes an analytics infrastructure that you’ll own, but after the initial report, we’ll click pause. We can offer a training package so you can learn to operate it yourself, or we can discount the initial installation on a monthly recurring package, where we maintain this infrastructure for you and help you produce some reports and run some experiments, depending on the option you choose.

Is the analytics infrastructure mandatory? Is it required to produce the report?

To get to the quality of the data, we don’t know how else to do it in a cost-effective way. This is our bread and butter, and you get a glimpse of a very powerful tool to help you build your systems. You’ll be able to either hire us to help you train your team, or hire someone else to run it for you.

How quickly can you get this report produced?

Depending on the quality of your data and the data sources from which you’re pulling, it could take between a week and a month to get the analytics infrastructure up, for the analysis and for the delivery of the report.

Do you offer the possibility to run the analytics infrastructure and help us produce more reports on a monthly basis?

Yes, we’ll be able to propose a monthly retainer for running your new analytics infrastructure, run experiments, add new sources of data, all in a way that’s optimized to be queried for presentations.

What’s the first step?

Below you’ll find a questionnaire so you can tell us about your current setup. We’ll contact you with more questions, and if we can help you get that report with the data you have and within your timeline, we’ll follow-up with a call to get started and a way to send us the payment.

Can I try to do it myself, using your methods?

You bet. We’ve put together a guide to product analytics that steps you through our thinking. You can also check out the How It Works page to visualize what our approach to an analytics infrastructure looks like. And you can also subscribe to our weekly newsletter for industry commentary, links to articles we found or articles we occasionally write.

What other companies have you helped?

We’ve recently helped Follett, Freestak, OfficeNinjas and LISTedTECH running their analytics infrastructure.

Questionnaire for the One-off KPI Report:
Please Tell Us About Your Situation

Short recap: after you fill this questionnaire, we’ll get back to you with some further questions by email so we can get a sense of your situation. If we can help you get that report with the data you have and within your timeline, we’ll follow-up with a call to get started and a way to send us the payment.