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Initial Consultation Call

“We’ve been doing the best we can with our analytics for a while.
But now, ‘the best we can’ isn’t enough anymore.”

At first, you thought it’d be easier. “It shouldn’t be too difficult to figure this out”. A few extra projects later, and you find yourself with fewer results than you hoped, with some analytics tools that can’t really handle the questions you need answers on, and it’s been costing you more than you budgeted.

“Tending to the data is a big job”. You realize it. It’s not enough to install tools that track everything, you have to cross-reference the data from those multiple tools.

  • These two pieces of data are for the same user.
  • This event means that the user did something that’s important to what we want to measure.
  • We want to measure this new thing, but we have to properly update the product to track these events.
  • We’d like to run this experiment, but it’s not possible for us to track whether it works as expected with the analytics system we have.
  • We’d like to add more sources of data. It’s not enough just to measure the customer behaviour. We need to tie that back to the business metrics.

Maybe You’re in a Situation Like This:

“We’ve missed the boat on one or two key stakeholder meetings. We were supposed to give a clear picture. But the picture isn’t yet clear. We know why it isn’t, and we’re tempted to blame the engineering team for the missing data and the spotty data.”

We can help with a sticky situation like this one.
Skip below to find out about our Initial Consulting Call.

Instead Of…

  • Relying on the dev team to get the data…
  • Having all the reporting done by the same person
  • Hoping the data is consistent when compared from month-to-month
  • Getting more tools than you have the resources to properly implement…
  • Expanding the analytics team to do more of the same…

You’re Now Researching How To…

  • Get a better analytics infrastructure…
  • Get more strategic about how you talk about metrics…
  • Better track your product so it’s easier to experiment…
  • Cost-effectively get all the tools you purchased to pull all your data sources into one data warehouse that’s easy to query…
  • Train your team to become experts in data analytics…

An Initial Consultation with Lantrns

These Are Areas We’re Experts in:

  • Setting up an analytics infrastructure;
  • Talking strategically about metrics and KPIs;
  • Tracking your product so it’s easier to measure experiments;
  • Getting all your tools to feed your data into a single data warehouse that’s easy to query;
  • Training your team to be autonomous at answering better questions from your data, or run that part for you, as your dedicated analytics team.

To start, we propose an initial consultation call.

  1. The first step would be for you to fill a questionnaire about your situation.
    See below for the questionnaire.
  2. Next, we’ll ask you more questions by email to get to know you better
  3. If we think we can help, we’ll propose some times for a call.

At the End of the Call, You’ll Leave with:

  • Validation for some directions to take for your next steps;
  • New ideas on what you could try on your own;
  • A sense of how we’ll be able to help you achieve your goals;
  • An idea of whether we’ll be a good fit working together.

After the email exchange and you decide to go forward with the call, the call will cost $300, and will last about an hour.

Try Before You Buy:
An Introduction on Our Approach to Setting up an Analytics Infrastructure

“What if we’d like to do it ourselves first?”

  1. We suggest you start with Segment to be the tool that collects from all other tools;
  2. We then suggest you put the information in a data warehouse;
  3. And then, you can start querying that data warehouse for some questions — your questions;
  4. We suggest you reinforce your practice by putting together a tracking plan: an organized way to structure your product analytics strategy.

We go over all of this in our guide to product analytics, which is free, so you can set things up on your own. It contains our preferred setup of tools, our philosophy on how to setup your tracking plan, and more.

Conceptually, our analytics stack and our approach looks like this.

See How It Works for a step-by-step visualization of setting up our data infrastructure using our approach.

Preview of what the analytics infrastructure looks like
Preview of what the analytics infrastructure looks like

With a system like this, you’ll be able to go back in time, you’ll be able to compare time frames, you’ll be able to make new kinds of discoveries, and you’ll be able to ask new kinds of questions — your questions.

We also run a newsletter where, every Monday, you get our take on the data industry news, links to things you’ll find useful in your journey, including links to articles that we publish from time to time. If you’d like an alternative to our newsletter, also check out our Twitter feed.

Our Other Packages

Instead of an initial consulting call, if you’re here because you want:

  • A one-off report on some specific KPIs by a certain date, see our One-off KPI Report package.
  • An infrastructure set up and managed by us, let’s still start with an initial call and we’ll be able to send you a proposal for a monthly retainer engagement.

But if you’d like to start with a consultation, please fill the following questionnaire so we can understand where you’re at ahead of the call:

Questionnaire for the Initial Consultation Call:
Please Tell Us About Your Situation

Short recap: after you fill this questionnaire, we’ll get back to you with some further questions by email so we can get a sense of your situation. If we think we can help out, we’ll propose some times for you to pick from for a call, and a way to pay for the consultation ($300). With the call, you’ll get some ideas on how you can move forward in your specific situation.