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“Data coming from a bunch of sources. Haphazard, tedious.”

That’s how it’s been so far with your analytics, and you’ve been looking for a way forward.

You’ve tried all-in-one analytics products at some point. You’ve been doing your best internally. But now, you need your analytics to get to a new level.

For that, we offer these two packages, or a couple ways for you to learn our techniques for free below.

Initial Consultation Call

After a brief exchange of emails so we can understand what you’re going through, and if we think we can help you get some progress, we’ll propose a time for a 1-hour call with you. Please invite your stakeholders to that call too.

At the end of the call, you’ll get confirmation on some new ways forward, and if you’d like, a good way to see how we could help you get there.

$300 for the call, and the process starts by filling a questionnaire.

Learn more about the Initial Consultation Call.

One-off KPI Report

One easy way we can help is this: we’ll make you a custom KPI report.

We’ll work with your existing sources of data, set up our analytics infrastructure to do all the heavy work needed to produce those metrics.

When done, you’ll get metrics produced in a repeatable, robust and cost-effective way. You’ll get a copy of our analytics infrastructure which will have run for the production of those metrics. And if you’d like to keep using it, we can show you how through a follow-up training engagement, or run it for you through an ongoing monthly retainer.

$2000 for the one-off report + our take on a new analytics infrastructure.
Turn-around between one week and a month, depending on your sources of data and your availability.

Learn more about the One-off KPI Report.

Or Learn Our Approach
to Setting up an Analytics Infrastructure

We understand that the analytics space is filled with a ton of options. There are so many choices you need to be making.

We’ve put together a free guide to product analytics, which is our approach on how to set up a cost-effective and flexible analytics infrastructure. We’ve got our favourite tools, but mostly, we’ve got a framework to think about analytics strategically, so you can get metrics that answer questions tied to your own business outcomes.

We’ve also got a weekly newsletter where we share about our take on industry news, links to articles we find interesting, articles we published, and new packages we make available.

Happy to help you get to the next level in your analytics.

— Olivier and the team