Dedicated Product Analytics Team of Experts

Lantrns Analytics offers two plans depending on your needs. Both plans include working with your dedicated team leader, access to a data warehouse as your single source of truth, as well as multiple BI destinations to choose from for your dashboards and reports.

Product Analytics Core

Ideal for products that are growing.

  • Starting at $150/mo for first 50,000 actions (pageviews, events, etc.).
  • $100 for every additional 50,000 actions.

Core provides a solid analytical infrastructure that allows product owners to get accurate and relevant information about their product. Pricing each month is based on the number of actions taken by your users and visitors.

Product Analytics Plus

Ideal for products that are scaling.

  • Starting at $1000/mo

Plus is for mature product teams that already have a development cycle in place and want to have access to accurate and relevant analytics in different formats and that supports multiple activities. We allocate resources to your team for the development of custom solutions that fits your needs.