Our mission is to help you leverage data to incrementally and intelligently improve your product.

Lantrns Analytics is a collective formed by myself, Olivier Dupuis, a network of collaborators and the occasional participation of like-minded analytics consultants.

We are a partner of dbt, as well as in the process of becoming a Segment Channel partner.

We also do extensive work with Tableau, R, Mode, Stitch Data, Snowflake, Redshift and more.

My belief is that this umbrella of analytics expertises gives our clients access to very bright minds in the field of product analytics, to knowledge and experience that successfully delivers robust, flexible and scalable data stacks.

As for myself, I’m an analyst at heart but got into data infrastructures by necessity, as projects were always hitting a wall due to data quality, availability, ease of use, etc. I stumbled on dbt and its community which opened my eyes to data architecture’s best practices.

Lantrns Analytics core goal is to package those best practices in a data infrastructure for product analytics. And we can build all sorts of analysis extensions on top.

Interested in learning more about our team and the services we provide? Just send me an email at odupuis@lantrns.co or call me at 1-819-968-7490.

Olivier Dupuis