Build high quality data products

We’re a data product engineering agency, helping product owners deliver high quality data assets to their users.

Delivering meaningful, high quality and fresh data assets to your users is quite the challenge.

Maybe you’re:

  • At the beginning of your journey and want to start building on solid foundations.
  • Stucked with quality issues and running blind on what is causing them and the downstream impact.
  • The owner of an already successful data product but are looking for the agility to scale.
  • Or you want to get product usage data with the insights to continously improve your product.

Whatever your objective, we provide the experience, knowledge, guidance and skills to get you to the next phase of your data product journey.

Get Building

Our Open Source Data Product Framework

Get to know our very own open source framework which already provides the architecture and suite of librairies to quickly start sourcing, transforming and delivering high quality data assets to your users.

Data Product Framework


Consulting services

Need help? We have tons of experience and would be very excited to work directly with you on your data product. Schedule an exploratory call here.


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