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Always Fresh and Relevant Analytics

It’s important to get accurate data whenever you want to make important decisions about your product.

Unfortunately, the lack of time and resources to maintain, left alone improve your analytics, will leave you in the dark.

With us, you now have a team of dedicated experts that will make sure you always have the necessary data to accelerate your development cycle.

Choose from a wide range of BI destinations, so that you only work with the tools you’re confortable with and that already provides the functionality you care about.

No Need for Engineers

Product management is a complex job that requires many skills. Data engineering shouldn’t be one of them.

You know though that successful product managers rely on data to orient their strategy and everyday decisions. And we know how to provide solid product analytics.

Working with us is like having a dedicated team of experts at your disposal. We understand what your role is, what your challenges are and how you can be successful.

You keep on doing what you do best and we will provide the data to back you.

The Force in Numbers

We’re laser focused on providing analytics to product owners, and we do it well.

Our approach is to be agile, modular and very opinionated in how we build our analytical stacks.

That means that when we deploy a solution for one client, all other clients can immediately take advantage.

And that’s also how we keep our costs so low. You get to work with a dedicated team of analytics experts at the fraction of what it would cost you having your own employee or working with a boutique consulting company.

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We’ve put together a guide…

You’ve been collecting some stats for a while, and now it’s starting to be important to make some sense of it.
“Time to get serious about our analytics.”

We’ve put together a guide to help you through that process of formalizing your analytics.

We hope it comes at the right time for you and your product.