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Congrats, you’ve found a business model that works! But now your investors, partners and yourself want to scale this thing up. That requires more sophistication than that hands-on approach you’ve had so far.

You know you need to automate the funnel through which individuals become customers and then ambassadors of your product. But what’s the strategy? Where do you get the insights to do this well?

We work with you to establish a customer analytics program to understand why an individual becomes a customer, the journey they take to becoming one, automate and then continuously optimize that funnel.

Segment with WordPress – Guide on Initial Setup and Identification of Users

By | October 5th, 2017|Customer Analytics|

So you’ve finally decided to put in place a customer analytics infrastructure for your online business? Good for you! And you want to use Segment as the [...]

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Analytical Strategy

Analytical strategy anchored on why an individual becomes a customer and how he becomes one.

Analytical Infrastructure

Analytical infrastructure that scrapes data from all touchpoint sources, transforms data and pipes it to data warehouse and analytical SaaS apps.

Ongoing Collaboration

Ongoing collaboration to better understand customer segments, their associated funnels (individual to customer to ambassador) and experimentation to optimize those funnels.